Lapeyre Stair, Inc. - Industrial Stairs

Our industrial metal stairs, or steel straight stairs, are custom built and shipped pre-fabricated to your jobsite or installation location ready to be installed. The straight steel stair with full size treads was released in December of 2003. We make the stair design and stair installation process simple and painless. We now manufacture both industrial stair or industrial stairs and a commercial stair or commercial stairs. All steel stair construction.

The Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stairs feature a unique alternating tread design which provides greater tread depth than vertical ladders or ship's ladders. This design allows comfortable face forward descents at steep angles. The stair includes close fitting handrails which provide support and a cushioned central stringer which virtually eliminates the possibility of hitting the nosing of a tread. We are the original alternating tread stair manufacturer. We've been manufacturing the steel stairs and aluminum stairs since 1981.